Instructions for Back Extension
Exercise to control and strengthen multifidus muscles

  1. Begin on knees with hands behind head and head & upper body flexed over the ball (lumbar flexion),
  2. Lift head and upper body so that the lower back is parallel to the ground (lumbar neutral),
  3. Perform sets and repetitions of this exercise (ask the doctor for the recommended number of sets and repetitions),
  4. Hold head and upper body parallel to the ground (lumbar neutral postion) with each repetition; ask the doctor for specific hold time.

Instructions for Abdominal Hollowing
Exercise to control and strengthen transverse abdominal muscles

  1. Begin in a 4-point stance - kneeling on hands and knees.
  2. Suck belly in. Bring your belly button up toward your spine. Suck your stomach away from your belt.
  3. Hold your stomach sucked in and continue to breathe.
  4. Hold your stomach sucked in, continue to breathe and do cross extensions of arm and opposite leg. Hold each repetition in cross extension (ask the doctor for recommended hold time).


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