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Why we have made the decision to remain open:

Back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the world, neck # 4. Back pain is the #3 cost driver in US health care (after diabetes and barely after heart disease).

The chiropractic scope contains nearly all the foundational pieces of every back pain guideline in the western world (red flag screen, high level dx, psychosocial screening and intervention, patient centered care, exercise, manual therapy, education. Additionally we have ALL been trained to screen for respiratory illness.

We don't have any tools to fight infection (other than the common sense advice available to every profession), but we do have important contributions we can make, even in the midst of this crisis.

If we don't care for musculoskeletal pain patients, who will? The overwhelmed PCP that has few useful tools available to them and, as such, may make the completely rational choice to quickly make an irrational prescription? They've got bigger fish to fry and we can help them.

We have the education to reduce risk while still providing high level care. We have redoubled our efforts at clinic hygiene.

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Downtown Chiropractic
157 Pearl Street
Framingham, MA 01702

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