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Our Patients Say

I have spent a wonderful 27 years with Dr. Jeff Smith having met him at his first office on Edgell Rd. in Framingham in 1984. His knowledge regarding all aspects of human health have kept me in peak physical shape through my 30s, 40\\\'s and 50\\\'s. My initial reason for seeing him was for tendonitis in my right shoulder. When all else failed, namely my PCP and meds, Dr. Smith was able to cure my shoulder of any pain with his manipulative skills in 6 months time. Any future injury I would always see Dr. Smith first before anyone else. And 98% of the time he could cure what was ailing me. Regular monthly visits after that have been at the top of my wellness list ever since then. S. Schertzer

Dr. Smith has been my chiropractor for 25 years. No matter what my condition was at any time, he always knew what the problem was, and just how to treat it. Once, after shoveling heavy snow, I had a sharp pain in my upper back. Four days later, having gotten no better, I called Dr. Smith. He saw me the same day and gave me one single adjustment. The pain quickly vanished, and did not return. Not only is he a good doctor; he's a good friend, too. I really enjoy our conversations each time I visit him. I don't know what I'd do without him.

It has been my good fortune to call Dr. Smith "my chiropractor" for 25 years. I first entered his office in 1984 two years after a near-fatal car accident in Colorado which had left my neck and back in agony. There were days when I could only take the stairs one step at a time and had to rest on each step. Fortunately, I had received excellent chiropractic care after the accident, or I would have undoubtedly been in much worse shape, but I still needed the finest care to continue healing. Now, my back feels much stronger and healthier than at any time since I was 30, and I'm 50 this year. I have a full range of motion and usually see Dr. Smith once a month for routine maintenance. My biggest problem is that my work as a web developer keeps me sitting in front of a computer too many hours a week. Thank you, Dr. Smith!

I was in pain from March 2010- September 2010 with 2 herniated discs in my lower back.Before contacting Dr. Smith I had tried everything from PT, spinal decompression, ice/heat,pain meds and even resorted to several spinal injections for my lower back. After 6 months of trying everything with minimal to no benefits of pain relief, I decided to finally try chiro. One late night at 1:30am I was in so much pain, I found Downtown Chiropractor on the internet and with many excellent reviews I sent Dr. SMith an email explaining my complete frustration and discouragement that i had with all the other treatments.I t was time to see a chirpractor. Dr SMith responded to my email immediately and set asside some time to see me that next day. Not only was Dr JEff Smith extremely knowledgable with his profession, he was extremely confident that he would be able to help me. after the first 2 visits i already felt the restriction on lower back movemnt had improved. I continued going and after 8-9 appointments I was almost back to myself. I am 29 years old with a wife and 2 kids, I love to play sports, Baseball mostly and had to give up all of the things that i loved in 2010. 2011 is a different story, I am back to running/ playing with my kids, working out, and looking forward to playing competitive sports at a high level again. I can thank Dr Smith a thousand times and it would not be enough for what he did for me and my family. Before I met Dr Smith I had never seen a chiropractor and I am really happy that I gave it a chance!!! --Chris Buckley (Hudson)

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